In 1992/1993 President Joaquim Chissano created a 19,000 military Unified Field technology - Invincible DefenseTechnology group in Mozambique. He achieved scientificsally predicted effect of crime rate drop, stability and development in his country.


The GAPWM Mission:

The Global Alliance for Preventive Wings in the Military is a 501 (c) (3)  organization   with  charitable  purposes, founded in March, 2010  in  New  York.   The goal of our program is to promote scientific research on what the researchers called in their findings, “the Unified Field effect”, the Maharishi Effect. The effect when applied by the military has been given the name of the Invincible Defense Technology (IDT).

This nonpolitical, nondenominational scientific approach to prevention of violence and conflict resolution has been validated  by  more than  50 replications and 23 studies published in leading peer-reviewed  scientific journals1. It has  been based on 25 years of scientific research2. It has been endorsed by hundreds of independent scientists and scholars. Its main characteristics: crime rate drop, decrease of conflict, decrease of terrorism, rise of the quality of life index.

The Unified Field effect is the outcome of employing the Unified Field technology.  It is also our goal to promote the medical research on health effect of the Unified Field technology- IDT, the TM/TMSidhi technique. The benefits have been researched for 45 years at 250 independent universities and research institutions in 33 countries around the world3. The research findings have been published in 160 peer-reviewed scientific and scholarly journals4, and edited in books in many different fields of study, in the US and Canada, in Europe and around the world.

Our goals ensure:

  1. Public awareness that there is a statistically tested method, a statistical data based  solution to decrease the threat of terrorism.
  2. Statistical data based safety and security strategy .
  3. Healthy strong veterans.

A group of military personnel who practice the Unified Field technology, IDT, (TM), and enjoy the improvement of health in all the areas while creating the Unified Field effect for their nation, are called a Preventive Wing of the Military

A Preventive Wing of the military during the advanced Unified Field technology (IDT) program, Latin America.

The Unified Field Diagram courtesy the GAPWM Scientific Advisory Board.

The GAPWM in the News

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 The approach has been  validated by more than 50 replications & 23 studies  published in leading peer-reviewed  scientific journals.It is based on 25 years of scientific research. It has been endorsed by hundreds of independent scientists and scholars.


The Unified Field technology, Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) is THE ONLY METHOD of  violence prevention and conflict resolution based on modern statistical research. All the approaches used today lack even  the  slightest  statistical  evaluation as  to  their effectiveness. They based on guess.


  The Genesis 2.0 Project     


"Compared with the market-driven, killer-app insta-culture of the Digital Age, the new Large Hadron Collider exists in a near-magical realm, a $9 billion cathedral of science that is apparently, in any practical sense, useless."


              Kurt Andersen, Vanity Fair, 

                                     January 2010